Our Tenants

For a homeowner, dealing with a major property insurance claim can be difficult. Once you have notified your insurance company, it may be up to you to find temporary housing. At Sky View Suites, we are proud to help families during this turbulent time by providing comfortable, safe, turn-key accommodations. We are often able to offer same-day move-in, saving you the hassle of an interim stay at a hotel.

Due to a string of government spending scandals and reports of expense account abuse, many government organizations are revising their expense policies, and travel / accommodations expenses are often at the top of the list. Sky View Suites is proud to support our public servants with quality accommodations that meet your budget.

So you have decided to renovate your home, or perhaps you are in between houses due to delay in a sale and / or purchase?

If you need temporary housing for anywhere from a few weeks to several months, you should consider flexible options, Sky View Suites offers a portfolio of luxury short-term furnished rentals with flexible moving dates and pro-rated rents. Our residential units come with fully stocked kitchens, washer / dryers, and access to luxury amenities (such as swimming pools and fitness rooms).

At Sky View Suites, we are honored to be your guides to Toronto and all it has to offer. We provide a very performer and actor-friendly experience. You will be in good company with us, along-side several award winners and nominees.

Our past experience in the industry gives us a keen understanding of your unique needs, including the importance of privacy, your dynamic schedules and long work hours. We thank you for continuing to choose Toronto as your creative destination!

We understand how challenging moving to a new city or country can be. We offer a wide variety of short-term rental apartments, all of which are fully furnished, professionally decorated and diligently serviced by our dedicated team. If you are planning on having family visit while you are staying with us in Toronto, you will be happy to know that almost all of our suites come equipped with a comfortable pull-out sofa.

Today, companies are facing increasing pressures to reduce expenses. As an alternative to hotels, Sky View Suites offers larger, executive residential properties at a fraction of the cost. Business colleagues can save even more by sharing one of our two-bedroom units, most of which come with two separate bathrooms.

As a result of managing a large exclusive inventory, we are able to offer multiple units within the same building. Our group clients can also take advantage of 30-day payment terms, custom / consolidated billing and flexible terms. Our team is accessible, responsive, and will take care of your staff from start to finish.