Short Term Rentals for Government Employees

In recent years, there has been a flurry of media attention directed towards a never-ending string of political scandals surrounding government spending and alleged abuse of expense accounts in Canada at all levels of government.

From the well-known Canadian Senate expenses scandal, which started being investigated 2012 and is still ongoing, to smaller and lesser-known (yet still publicized) events such as the 2017 Calgary Stampede, where Parm Kahlon (the special assistant to the Premier of Alberta), was forced to pay back “erroneous” hotel expenses that were perceived as unreasonably high and unjustified, sometimes the media’s focus strays so far from what most would consider “material” that it borders on ridiculous.

For example, in September 2012, MacLeans wrote an article about the expensing habits of Bev Oda, Canada’s former minister of international co-operation. While she seemingly did have some questionable spending habits, even minor things like a $16 glass of orange juice and $250 penalty for smoking a hotel room made their article.

Investigative journalists are now in a constant state of deep vigilance for anything and everything even remotely related to government spending. Any organization that is even partially funded by taxpayer dollars must now be more cognizant of their expenses. As a result, many government organizations have started looking for more efficient and more transparent ways to spend taxpayers’ money on the things they need to do in order to function, and travel / accommodations are right at the top of that list.

These sweeping changes in culture and policies have had some unintended consequences. For one, as the costs of accommodations continues to rise (especially in big cities such as Toronto), it has become more difficult for travelling government and military employees to process legitimate expenses, forcing them to consider some arguably sub-standard choices. Luckily, there is now an alternative solution that can provide high quality service and accommodations, while meeting their spending limits and avoiding any potential expense policy violations.

Sky View Suites is proud to support our public servants and offer our fully furnished / serviced apartments to government and military employees at a fraction of the cost of a hotel. We understand that government employees travel for work more often than employees of any other industry, and have unique needs when it comes to their temporary housing solutions. Our clients appreciate our fast, attentive service along with the privacy, comfort and luxury of a residential condominium building. We also have an all-inclusive pricing policy with no surprises and flexible terms.

We offer a wide variety of quality furnished rentals, all of which are fully furnished, with fully stocked kitchens and en-suite washer / dryers. Our clients can also enjoy the use of hotel-like amenities available in most buildings, such as fitness centers and swimming pools, in order to help you feel at home during your temporary assignment.

Discounts Available for Government and Military Employees

If you are visiting Toronto on official business for one of the following organizations, please ask us about our Government and Military Employee discounts:

  • Government of Canada (House of Commons and / or Senate)
  • Government of Ontario (Lieutenant Governor / Commissioners / Premier’s Office)
  • The City of Toronto (City Councillors, Mayor’s Office, Emergency Services, Public Works, etc)
  • Service Canada (all departments)
  • The Canadian Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force)
  • The Canada Revenue Agency (including private firms under mandate by the CRA)
  • The Department of Justice (minister’s office, attorney general’s office and related court officials)



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