Our SerVice Guarantee

The Sky View Suites Promise

In our experience, every situation is different, and a one-size fits-all partial solution is not the best way in which to build a reputation of strong customer service. Having used similar services ourselves, we understand our clients' needs and our key role in facilitating a seamless, stress-free relocation. However, even with robust quality control processes, occasional issues still occur. When they do, our guarantee is simple:

We promise to do everything we can to ensure our clients are happy and satisfied.

This process starts before the client moves in. First time clients don't always ask the right question or know exactly what they need. We start with learning as much as we can about each client. This allows us to pair up each client with a unit that is appropriate to their needs.

Once a client has moved in, if an issue does occur, we promise to treat every individual situation with integrity and importance, and work with the client in a transparent way to find an appropriate and timely remedy. We try to understand the situation from the client's perspective because we want our clients to come back and refer us to others.

Lastly, we have ambitious plans to continue growing our business. Our integrity and transparency in dealing with clients has helped us grow very quickly thus far, and we believe this philosophy will help us continue to grow in the future. In short, we care about our clients because we care about the future of our business.


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