How to move to Canada from the USA

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The number of
total immigrants
Canada is
taking in 2017
Oh Canada! No Canada!
6 months Wait Time
Up to 86 Months Wait Time
(Yes You Read That Right)
Americans looking
for Canadian love
should check out
Do you have?
•Criminal record?
•Serious health Issues?
•Financial problems?
•Past issues crossing
the border?
You may not be eligible to
move to Canada.
If you are still determined,
try contacting an
immigration lawyer.
Good Start!
Are you a
Skilled Worker?
Or do you already have
a job lined up for you in
for express entry into
Canada through the Skilled
Worker or Provincial
Nominee program.
You are on the fastest track
to immigrating to Canada.
Learn more about express
entry here.
Express Entry and Skilled Worker Immigration:

If you have skills and job offers, this is a great way to apply to live in Canada quickly.

· Fill out an express entry profile

· If you meet the requirements you will be added to a pool with other candidates who have applied

· You will receive a ranking based on a point system. This is based on factors such as job offers, provincial nominations and or skills.

· If you are ranked high you should receive an ITA (invitation to apply)

· You then have 60 days to file an application for permanent residency.

If you want to check if you are eligible for express entry, you can fill out a quick form on the Canadian immigration site:

Estimated wait time for Skilled Workers applying through online express entry: 6 Months

Well this is where the
immigration process can
get lengthy.
Do you plan on opening
your own business in
Canada or being
The only remaining
immigration program is
through Family Immigration.
Do you have a Canadian
spouse? If not would you be
open to marrying a
Not a bad method to cut down the
wait time to get into Canada as a
resident. Learn more about this
process here.
What about marrying a Canadian?

Social media was flooded on election day with Americans putting out requests looking for a Canadian to marry to gain access to Canada. While this can significantly cut down the number of steps Americans need to take in gaining residency, it doesn’t mean it will be easy. If you are already living in Canada with a temporary work visa or student permit you can stay in Canada while you wait for approval. If you do not, your spouse must apply to be your sponsor while you go through the approval process. Even a marriage license isn’t enough - the Canadian Government is well aware of people trying to scam the system with fake or temporary marriages. However, Americans set on this approach can check out sites like “Maple Match” to find their Canadian soul mate.

Estimated wait time for a spouse or common law partner living outside of Canada 12 months.

Heads up, the Canadian
Government is well aware of people
trying to scam the system with fake or
temporary marriages. Be prepared to
prove your love (take lots of pictures
and have a valid marriage license).
12 month Wait Time
You’re starting to run out of options here.
Do you have any family living in Canada?
They could register to sponsor you to come
to Canada through Family Immigration.
But waiting for sponsor and application
approval can be a long process. You can
learn more about the family sponsorship
and immigration process here.
Family Class Immigration:

If you have any family currently living in Canada already there are a few steps that need to be taken in order for you to come to Canada through this method of immigration.

· Ensure the sponsor is a full Canadian citizen

· Ensure you will not need any financial assistance from the government

· Have your Canadian relative apply to be a sponsor

· Have your family member fill out an application for permanent residence and send them both at the same time.

Estimated wait time for a dependent child is 16 months, parents and grandparents is at least 3 years (they are still working on applications from January 2014) and all other relatives is around 33 months.

16 Months Wait Time
(Dependent Child)
3+ Years Wait Time
33 Months Wait Time
(Other Family)
Just because immigrating to Canada can be a
lengthy process doesn’t mean you can’t
visit Canada for an extended period of time
(say 4 years or so.) There are tons of visa options
to look into.
Do you want to stay in
Canada for longer than
6 months?
Are you a student
looking to study in
Good news! US
citizens can stay in
Canada without a visa
for up to 6 months. Just
don’t try to work or study
without one. So get out
there and explore
Student visas are easily
obtained within 5 weeks and can
be extended too. PHD and Masters
students can also look into
gaining residency through the
Provincial Nominee Program.
Read more about it
Provincial Nominee Program:

Every province in Canada is looking for people with specific skill sets and experiences to contribute to their individual economies. For example, Ontario is interested in Masters and PHD students as well as business owners and workers. By applying for a provincial nomination you can gain access quickly with express entry applications and permanent resident applications.

· Apply for a nomination for a specific province or territory

· If you meet their requirements you will receive your nomination

· Apply through the paper-based system or through express entry (noted above)

Wait time for Provincial Nominee if applying online for express entry: 6 months

Wait time for Provincial nominee NOT applying online for express entry: 16 months

Do you want to
work in Canada?
Work visas allow US
citizens to work in
Canada for up to 4
years. They can take
12 weeks to process.
Learn more about them
in here.
Work visa:

This is for people who are moving to Canada specifically to work or for students who have co-op work terms. These work permits last for a maximum of 4 years, after which you must leave the country and cannot apply again until you have spent 4 years either outside of Canada or in Canada and not working. These permits can take up to 12 weeks to process.

Grandparents/parents of Canadian
residents/citizens can apply for a
super visa allowing them 2 years
in the country. These only take 3
months to process.
Immigrants also have
the opportunity to apply
through the Start up
section of Economic
Immigration. Learn more
about this avenue here.
Start Up:

To go the start up route, you must have the support of a designated organization. They must provide you with a letter of support and you have to include this letter in your application. You must also prove that your business will meet the ownership requirements.

The amount of funds that you require to support your family depends on the number of family members you have on your application. The Canadian government does not give financial assistance to start up applicants, so the more members of family you have the more money you must have to be approved for immigration.

Estimated wait time for start up: Currently not available

If you are self-employed
you can apply through
Economic Immigration
But be warned this can
be a lengthy process.
Learn more here.
Economic Class Immigration:

Two categories here: Start up and Self-Employed. If you are interested in starting a business or contributing to Canada’s economy through areas such as cultural activities, athletics or farming this could be the right path to immigration for you.

Self-Employed means:

A foreign national who: has relevant experience, intends and is able to be self-employed in Canada, and can contribute to Canada’s economy in one of the required areas. They also must have relevant experience and for a self employed person this means at least two years of experience.

Estimated wait time for Self-Employed Federal: 86 Months

rights violations?
Percent immigrating to
Canada by category
58% Economic
(includes skilled workers)
28% Family
14% Refugees
Sorry it doesn’t look like you will
be able to immigrate to Canada.
Don’t worry you’re not completely
out of luck, check out the visa
options below.
approaches, we at Sky View Suites (specialists in relocation and short term rentals) got to
researching: What does it actually take for an American to immigrate to Canada? Turns out, it’s
not so easy. So we decided to help by breaking it down
You can now work and live freely in
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