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Co-op Testimonials 

Sky View Suites is a small buisiness with a startup mentality – this will mean longer hours at times and the stresses of quickly changing priorities, but it also means you will have the opportunity to step into a role with practically endless room for growth.

You will have the ability to make and participate in large decisions and the chance to voice new ideas and actually be heard. There is no hand holding, but there is an unspoken understanding that we are all expected to teach and support each other.

We will often just tell you the problem or project we’d like tackled and trust that you can find the best way to solve it.

“I immensely enjoyed my experience at SkyView Suites because of the amazing and helpful team. Working with Matthew and Newman in the development team has been a delight due to their kind, helpful and fun attitude. SkyView Suites enabled me to explore front-end development in a comfortable environment that fosters curiosity and encourages asking questions. The fun staff, culture and their passion towards the mission has motivated me to be a hard working member of the team. I can say with confidence that the company and people have left a positive impact on me that I will not forget. “

- Prakruti, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Fall 2022

"Working at SkyViewSuites has been a truly amazing time. The experience I've gained working here isn't only about the technologies we used in the dev team, I've learned a lot about myself and what life can be like when working in web development."

"In the technical sense, I was given the opportunity to work with each and every part of a professional project, which I took to learn about the process and tools required to build a professional web app from the ground up. With no strict rules and roles as to what I was allowed to work on, I was allowed and able to see everything going on behind the scenes and understand it. This also brings me to the next part."

"I felt very included in the company, not with just the development team, but with everyone. Everyone at the office was so welcoming and nice to me, that I felt comfortable immediately when working there. It felt like everyone was family which really made my 4 months here enjoyable and I looked forward to working everyday."

"In short, I loved it here and I'll miss everyone."

- Issac, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Winter 2021

"I had a great time over the past 8 months at Sky View Suites as a member of the dev team. Throughout my term I was able to learn many new technical and soft skills, and apply them towards working on a real-life application. My time with the company has given me greater confidence in my own abilities as a software engineer going forward."

"Everyone at SVS puts in a lot of effort to ensure that the workplace is a fun, supportive and kind environment. I instantly felt very welcomed in my role, and everyone was always open to answering my questions. My manager Matthew was especially helpful, and was also very skilled with answering any technical questions I had. Thank you to everyone at SVS for the amazing experience!"

- Nathan, University of Toronto Co-op Student, Fall 2021

"My time with the company has given me greater confidence in my own abilities as a software engineer going forward."

"My past 8 months here as a Full Stack Developer at Sky View Suites has been an incredibly rewarding experience. While I was apprehensive about the thought of shouldering larger responsibilities within a startup at first, this has truly been a blessing in disguise where I not only got to learn and apply the latest tools and technologies as a software engineer, I also managed to develop my leadership and other soft skills."

"While one of the biggest challenges was getting comfortable with working with all the different aspects of a large enterprise scale project, I am thoroughly satisfied with my professional growth having overcome it. Whether it be front-end, back-end or any other part of the project, there is a large variety of engaging and challenging tasks to tackle. I can really feel the impact of my work. Gaining a better grasp on all the technical aspects of the projects eventually led me to helping new co-ops during the onboarding process."

"I heavily value the leadership experience in taking part in the professional advancement of my fellow co-ops and striving to help them find the same value working at SVS as I have. I would also like to give a big shoutout to Matthew, who oversees the development department. He has been nothing less than amazingly helpful when it comes to assisting with technical challenges. It's been a great pleasure working with such a talented supervisor. In terms of the workplace environment, I can easily see that Matthew and the rest of the team at SVS put a tremendous amount of effort into cultivating a supportive work culture for us co-ops and greatly value growth in young professionals.Thank you to Matthew, my fellow dev team, and the rest of the staff at SVS for an amazing co-op experience!"
- Yitian, University of Toronto Co-op Student, Summer 2021
“I had a fantastic time completing my first work term at Sky View Suites as a member of the dev team. Coming into the position with little previous experience was nerve wracking for me, but that feeling was completely gone after the first day. Everyone at Sky View was incredibly welcoming and friendly, and I felt like a part of the team immediately."
"Over the 4 months, I learned a lot of valuable information about development while working with relevant and modern technologies throughout every task. There was always someone on every team that I could rely on for help and clarification with anything I was working on. Everyone provided tons of valuable knowledge and information, and I never felt hesitant asking any question in any situation. I truly grew as a developer more than I ever thought I was capable of."
"Sky View also allowed us to ask questions to any department during the weekly meetings, which gave amazing insight to the amount of hard work that’s put in by everyone to make business work seamlessly. It really made me happy to be a part of an organization that’s making positive and meaningful contributions to the community everyday. Working at Sky View Suites was a rewarding and unforgettable experience, and I send my thanks to everyone on the team who made this term so enjoyable!”
"I really had a great time at Sky View Suites this term, and wish you guys the best of luck in the future."
- Connor, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Summer 2021
"Looking back to my first day at Sky View Suites, I remember all the questions racing through my head. I was worried that I wouldn't be skilled enough for the job, I was worried that my shyness would impede my success and I was worried that I would make a bad first impression. The second that I walked into the Sky View Suites office for the first time, all of my concerns vanished."
"I was taken aback by how kind and welcoming everyone was; I immediately felt accepted and everyone made me feel like I belonged in my position. I was most impressed by how the Sky View Suites team really encouraged question asking. They made it clear that no matter how dumb a question may seem, you should always ask it. This helped me achieve success when working and gave me confidence that I was not making any mistakes."
"As a co-op student, I also had the opportunity to ask questions during weekly meetings that widened my learning beyond the work I did in my specific department. Sky View Suites is a company in which you make a meaningful change through the work you do, and this is an extremely satisfying feeling that I am grateful I got to experience. A big thanks to everyone at Sky View Suites for making this Co-Op term such an enjoyable and memorable experience."
- David, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Winter 2021
"Although my time at Sky View Suites was short, the people I met and the lessons I've learned will be remembered for years to come. My position this term was fully remote and while I thought it would be difficult to interact with my coworkers, the weekly meetings and presentations were a great way to become familiar with everyone and learn more about the company's values and infrastructure."

"The next thing that stood out to me while working here was the people. From day one, everyone made me feel very welcomed and always gave me the opportunity to ask questions about the company. In addition, you could tell how knowledgeable everyone was just from our weekly presentations."
"Lastly, I want to thank my manager Matthew for his knowledge and guidance throughout the whole term. He was always there when I needed help and provided an abundance of knowledge and resources to lead me in the right direction. This work term at Sky View Suites was amazing and it was all thanks to Matthew and my coworkers who welcomed me with open arms!"
- Alan, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Winter 2021
"As a dev co-op, the number of things that I learned during the four months is tremendous. Sky view offered a great experience and I was able to learn new technologies while applying the skills and knowledge to real-life applications. The teams at Sky View are incredible, everyone is nice and friendly and this helps someone who is very shy like me to blend in very quickly. Sky view has an open environment and everyone is open-minded and your voice can always be heard."
"During the weekly meetings, I have learned a lot from other teams about how they operate. I think this is a valuable experience for me as I was able to learn not only the technical parts of my job but also to learn about how a business works. Sky view's story is very inspirational for me, especially the part about how Sky View decided to start the StayWell charity. I think this established a very positive impression and it makes me proud that I work in an organization that gives back to the community and helps people in need. I am grateful to have this opportunity, especially during this difficult time.
"Thank you Sky view for making this such a fun and remarkable experience. I wish Sky View all the best and more success in the future!"
- Eric, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Winter 2021
"Before completing my placement here, I was soft-spoken and lacked confidence in my abilities, but everyone at Sky View Suites believes in you. You’re not 'just' a co-op, you really feel like part of a team where your feedback is valued and your hard work is acknowledged. By the end of your time here, you’ll make huge contributions to the company."
"As a student, I needed to build my skills and Sky View Suites has undoubtedly guided me into becoming a more confident developer. It is truly an environment that fosters growth and education. Don’t be afraid of asking questions in fear that they will think you’re dumb because not a single soul here will have that thought cross their mind."
- Ada, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Winter 2021

"It is truly an environment that fosters growth and education."

"During my four months at Sky View Suites, I gained invaluable experience and knowledge. I had the pleasure of working mainly with Ben and Matt who were both always available for me to reach out to. They were both outstanding mentors for me and have taught me how to be a leader."
"As a member of the Operations Team, I was trusted to be on my own and make quick decisions. I was taught how to use different tools and equipment for a variety of different purposes. Most importantly, I’ve learned and practiced how to problem solve. My position required me to be constantly moving from one place to another. Fortunately, I loved working in Downtown Toronto while not being confined to a desk."

"I am beyond grateful for the transparency of the company and its employees; it allowed me to learn about the many different factors which contribute to their success. There is no ceiling to how much you can learn from being with Sky View Suites. I can confidently say I was proud to be an employee here and I would recommend anyone else to apply!"
- Jagroop, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Summer 2020
"Sky View Suites was a great place to allow me to further my education in software development. I was given a lot of freedom to explore different ways to solve the assigned issues. The team was very friendly and easy to get integrated into. Although this term was strange with Covid-19, accommodations were made to allow me to work remotely while still staying connected with the team. Thank you for a great term!"

"There was always a time and a place for my voice to be heard, allowing me to contribute and be an important part of the company."

"In previous Coop terms, I found myself at desk jobs where my tasks were repetitive and small. At Sky View Suites, I was always moving and what I was doing was important. They made me feel like my work meant something to the company and I could see the immediate impact my work had on the success of the business."

"Not only was it a fulfilling job, but the team at Sky View is incredible. They always made me feel like part of the team from the start by encouraging me to learn new things and keeping me engaged. They are kind, caring individuals who want you to succeed. If you like working at a job where every day is different, you can improve every day, and you can have fun while working, then I recommend a career at Sky View Suites."

- Christian, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Fall 2019

"Sky View Suites offers a unique experience, where business decisions meet technical software development giving every employee a fuller understanding of real-world development. Despite this open-concept environment, there was a strong mentorship structure at the company and open communication with my technical lead, consistently supporting and working alongside me."

"I presented often in front of managers, explaining technical challenges and suggested alternative solutions when a roadblock was hit. These suggestions were taken seriously and overall increased the effectiveness of my position, making my role much less daunting."

- Stefan, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Fall 2019

"As an accounting co-op, I found the job very engaging and was able to develop and improve many skills that will be useful to me in the future. Right from the beginning, I felt very welcomed by the rest of the employees. Due to the non-hierarchical nature, I was able to interact with all employees regardless of their position within the company. This allowed me to learn from them and about the work they do for the company."

"Not only was I able to learn how accounting is integrated into a company, I saw a glimpse of the role each department played in the company and how they communicated with each other. I saw how my own tasks related to the other departments, which helped me see the impact of my work and the value it had in the company - this is quite rare to see in any other company."

"I will always remember my experience at Sky View Suites. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and thank everyone at Sky View for the pleasant memories!"

- Prapti, University of Toronto Co-op Student, Summer 2019

"The skills I learned from working at Sky View Suites will carry on in future work terms as well as my career."

"I believe that my time at Sky View Suites was a great investment to my professional career. Being an introverted individual, it is difficult for me to adapt to social situations, however the team welcomed me warmly, which created a comfortable working environment."

"I was able to learn a lot of interesting things at Sky View Suites. I was constantly surrounded by business-oriented individuals, so I was able to learn about the broad overview of the real estate business and what goes on behind the scenes. Along with the normal tasks provided by the company, I had the chance to contribute to a starter manual for future employees, outlining the main duties of an operations support staff."

"I can say with full confidence, that Sky View Suites cares about you, and they will make the most out of your work-term. I will definitely miss the team, and I wish I could have stayed with them for a longer time!"

- Issac, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Fall 2018

"Having the opportunity do to my first coop with Sky View Suites was one of the best and knowledge gaining experiences I could have been a part of."

"The Sky View Suites team is not only flexible, encouraging and insightful, but they also motivate employees to go beyond and come up with new ideas that will make running the business easier and more efficient. With my four months at the company, I was able to pick up on key skills that will help me in future jobs. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work with such great people for such an amazing company."

- Lirjon, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Fall 2018

Regush Career 
Development Program

We believe in the continuous growth of our co-op students. We aim to develop the win-win relationship that benefits both student and business.

"Working at Sky View Suites surprised me in many ways and was truly a valuable experience for my first work term. Although it is only made up of a small team, this proves to be one of the best parts of working for Sky View Suites. Working directly with the partners of the company allowed me to learn in-depth about the business while simultaneously providing a direct impact to the company."

"The Sky View team provides nothing but encouragement and support which has allowed me to develop greatly over the four months I spent there. I felt genuinely valued while working here and would highly recommend this workplace to anyone looking to become a part of the Sky View team." 

- Ernie, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Summer 2018

"The Sky View team provides nothing but encouragement and support which has allowed me to develop greatly over the four months I spent there. I felt genuinely valued while working here and would highly recommend this workplace to anyone looking to become a part of the Sky View team." 

- Riley, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Summer 2018

"I am beyond grateful for having the opportunity to complete my first co-op term at Sky View Suites. This term was exciting and full of rewarding experiences all thanks to my incredible team."

"I would like to show my profound gratitude for the experiences and skills that I've gained from the team at Sky View Suites. Having the privilege to work side-by-side with the founders of the business provided me with helpful guidance and insightful words of advice. By working with a fairly small team, I learned about the inner workings of a business. Although I worked as a Sales Analyst, I was exposed and introduced to many tasks and duties outside of my job title that I was interested in through side projects."

"Sky View’s flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond for their employees is what made my experience unforgettable. I want to reiterate and thoroughly express my heartfelt thanks to Sky View Suites for giving me the opportunity to join their team and experience all the wonderful involvement I was a part of. I can only express positive thoughts and would like highly recommend taking a position at Sky View Suites if you are given the chance."

- Ronel, University of Waterloo Co-op Student, Summer 2018

"Having the privilege to work side-by-side with the founders of the business provided me with helpful guidance and insightful words of advice."

"I enjoyed working with Sky View Suites during a work term in Winter, 2018. The position that I was hired for was in a field in which I didn't have a lot of familiarity (online marketing); however, the director, Steve, offered many opportunities for me to develop skills in this area.

Although Sky View Suites is an established company, working there feels like you are working for a startup. The teams are small and dynamic, and management is always open to considering and implementing the ideas of their co-op employees. In fact, the other co-op students and I would meet regularly to discuss new ideas in our respective fields, and brainstorm ways to apply them to what we do at Sky View Suites.

Overall, my time with the company was fun, challenging, and intellectually stimulating. I would recommend the company to anybody who is looking to gain practical skills and experience in a business environment."

- Jacob, University of Waterloo Co-op student, Winter 2018

Sheridan College

Sky View Suites has been featured by Sheridan College in an interview with one of our marketing and advertising co-op students. 

"I had the pleasure of being the first co-op student that Sky View Suites had ever hired and I am forever grateful for it as it made me realized that I wanted to pursue a career in the operations field of business. All four partners were wonderful people and they all had valuable experiences that I was able to learn from.

During my tenure with Sky View I worked alongside Matt Regush the most, who turned out to be an idol for me. Matt showed me that work does not have to be as boring as putting in your 8 hours per day, but instead made my co-op experience so exciting that I decided to return to Sky View for a second co-op term.  Matt is a fantastic teacher because of his patience and personality, and he was always available if I ever needed help. I once called Matt during my first co-op term completely overwhelmed because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to complete my work, and instead of being disappointed with me, he was understanding and calmed me down within minutes.

I will always value my time at Sky View Suites because it taught me countless life lessons that I continue to use to this day. I urge anyone who receives a job offer to from them to accept it as they will not be disappointed. Thank you John, Arlene, Steve, and especially Matt for making my co-op terms so much better."

- Nico, University of Waterloo Co-op student, Fall 2015 /Summer 2016

" The four months I spent with Sky View Suites were invaluable to my growth as a person. I loved how much I felt like a part of the team instead of just being viewed as an “employee”; I always felt important and was always appreciated. I also enjoyed being on the go throughout the day and really getting to explore Toronto. I learned a great deal about communicating professionally to both clients and business associates alike in addition to getting a better grasp on how to manage my time effectively. Overall, I am extremely happy to have worked with Sky View and wish them all the best in the future!"

- Sean, University of Waterloo Co-op student, Winter 2017

"I have had an amazing experience working at Sky View Suites. This was my first Co-Op term, and I could not have asked for somewhere better to work at. I was able to, and encouraged to explore my interests and help the company become more efficient. My role was moved from a primarily operations focus to software development/analysis where I have great interest. All of the staff is very supportive and friendly, and I look forward to continuing working alongside them."

- Matthew, University of Waterloo Co-op student, Summer 2017

"I could not have asked for somewhere better to work at for my Co-op Term."

"My name is Eric and I am a business and tourism student from the University of Waterloo. Sky View Suites gave me a fast paced and exciting view into the tourism and hospitality world of Toronto. I learned a lot from my time at Sky View Suites and many of these skills and experiences have translated into other employment and co-op opportunities. Additionally, the owners are great people to work for and they have created an amazing work atmosphere and culture to grow and develop in. Overall Sky View Suites was an awesome time and one that I would love to come back to. "

- Eric,  University of Waterloo Co-op student, Fall 2016

"Working for Sky View Suites was a blast! I had a lot of fun and it was really cool to be working in the GTA core. Working for Sky View really improved my confidence when communicating professionally, and meeting with clients in a customer service manner. Overall, I would say Sky View Suites values the work done by students, and that allows anyone to become part of the Sky View family."

 - Nick,  University of Waterloo Co-op student, Winter 2017 / Fall 2017

I did a coop work term for Sky View Suites for the 2018 winter term - I can’t help but reflect on the wonderful experience I have had here. The first thing which comes to mind when describing this company is the culture. The culture of the people, the job, and the general day-to-day experiences. Prior to the interview, I was not sure what to expect out of the Operations Coop role and what skills I would learn.However, it did not take long for me to realize that not only is this a great company filled with wonderful people, but also that I really enjoyed my time there.

During this term I have learned how to diagnose and resolve a garden variety of common home problems but I have also learned a lot about the business. One of the many benefits of working for a smaller company is the fact that I was working literally only meters away from the partners. I am a very inquisitive person by nature and took advantage of this opportunity by asking questions I was keen to have answered. Everyday I was able to learn valuable business information and interact with innovators in the industry, which in my opinion was the best part about the job. Overall, the last 4 months at Sky View Suites have been wonderful, so much so that I would happily return here for another coop term.

- Lucus, University of Waterloo Co-op student, Winter 2018

"I will always value my time at Sky View Suites because it taught me countless life lessons that I continue to use to this day."


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