In Between Homes

We Are Your Temporary Home Solution

So you have decided to drastically renovate or maybe even rebuild your home? Congratulations!

If it’s not your first time around the block, then you know what you’re in for. However, for first-timers, renovating or rebuilding a house can cause a lot of anxiety, especially if you happen to be living in the home while it’s being renovated. Clinical studies have shown that home renovations can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.

Even for those that have decided to temporarily relocate during the project, the proposition is no less disruptive. One key question that comes to mind is where will you live while your renovation or build-from-scratch is under way? Understanding that this could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months (depending on the nature and scope of the project), you will want to consider all options. This dilemma also applies to people who are in between houses for other reasons (such as a timing lag between a sale and a purchase).

One well-known option is a traditional apartment lease. This is the arguably lowest-cost option with the largest market and highest number of choices, but it does have a few disadvantages. Mainly, most properties in this market require a one year minimum commitment. Even if you can negotiate down to a length of term that makes more sense for you, the hassle of furnishing, decorating and setting up utilities (such as hydro, water, gas, television, and internet) for a property you are only going to live in for a few months can be a hassle. Not to mention some of the hoops you may have to jump through in order to finalize a traditional lease (background checks, employer letters, references, credit checks, etc).

At the other end of the range of options are hotels. This is the option with the most flexibility, because you can rent a hotel room (or a suite, if you have a large family) on a nightly basis. This option also has the most convenience in the form of daily cleanings and room service, however it also has some major disadvantages. Mainly, the cost can be astronomically high over a long period of time (such as a month or more). Also, living in a relatively small space (with no kitchen, no washer / dryer, etc) can start to feel oppressive much sooner than even a month.

The optimal solution for those that find themselves in between homes for more than one month but less than one year is a short term rental. This alternative has been gaining a lot of ground over recent years to fill in what was previously a gap in the rental market. Sky View Suites is proud to offer a portfolio of short term rentals with the following benefits:

  • Significantly lower cost in comparison to similar quality hotels.
  • Residential-sized units with fully stocked kitchens, washer / dryers, and access to luxury condominium amenities (such as swimming pools and fitness rooms).
  • Streamlined and simple leasing and move-in process.
  • 30-day minimums with flexible move-in and move-out dates and times (with prorated rents).
  • Professionally managed, fully furnished, and custom decorated units.
  • Fully stocked (including linens and towels) and serviced turn-key units (all you need to do is bring your bags!).

At Sky View Suites, we are proud to be able to help families going through this transition with our quality furnished rentals and client-focused service team. Our team will be accessible, responsive, and take care of all your accommodation needs. Also, we can further facilitate your transition by working directly with realtor / broker or contractor.


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