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Over the last couple of decades, stock market crashes, high-profile company bankruptcies and corporate corruption scandals have dominated the media landscape. Industry leaders, and governments have slowly but surely responded with increased regulations, tighter financial controls, stronger accounting standards and more corporate oversight.

At the same time, shareholders, analysts and other stakeholders have sharpened their focus on company bottom lines and financial performance. Time-horizons have shrunk and profit expectations have increased. Combined with a dramatic growth in competition in virtually every industry, this has placed more and more intense pressure on cost cutting and expense management.

In this new landscape, with respect to business travel, corporate housing has emerged as an alternative solution to costly hotels. Toronto specifically has approximately 6,000 furnished short term rental units. Roughly half of these are professionally managed by companies like Sky View Suites and marketed mostly to business travellers, while the other half are being managed directly by investors / owners and advertised on sites such as, and other similar websites that cater more towards vacationers.

Corporate housing companies can typically offer larger, higher quality properties (which include a kitchen and en-suite washer / dryer) at a fraction of the cost of a comparable hotel. Most properties will also include access to hotel-style amenities, such as a swimming pool and a fitness facility. The only catch, at least in Toronto, is that corporate housing rentals require a 30-day minimum commitment. Also, you typically won’t have daily maid service (most corporate housing companies will service their units once per week or once every two weeks, although more frequent cleaning services can be purchased at extra cost).

Value-wise, being able to cook your own meals, do your own laundry, having free internet and not having to pay exorbitant amounts for parking can’t be beat. More importantly, business colleagues can save even more by sharing one of our two-bedroom units, most of which come with two separate bathrooms so you don’t need to compromise on privacy. Having a space in which to entertain friends and visitors is also a bonus.

As a result of managing a large exclusive inventory of corporate rentals, we are often able to offer multiple units within the same building, so that colleagues who are in Toronto on secondment can easily socialize and experience the city together after hours.

Life Beyond a Hotel 

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Sky View Suites has developed valuable relationships with our corporate clients over the years, giving us strong insights into the unique needs of business travelers. Our clients know that our actions and our philosophy reflect the value that we place on our reputation within the corporate housing industry.

We offer a wide variety of corporate rental options, all of which are fully furnished, fully stocked and serviced by our dedicated team. Clients can also enjoy the use of hotel-like amenities available in most buildings, such as fitness centers and swimming pools, to help you feel at home during your temporary work assignment.

Our corporate and group booking clients can also take advantage of administrative advantages, such as 30-day payment terms, one central point of contact, custom and / or consolidated billing and flexible terms.


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