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Is Airbnb Creating Diseconomies Of Scale? Is Airbnb creating diseconomies of scale?

Is Airbnb creating diseconomies of scale? In the field of microeconomics, the term “economies of scale” refers to “cost advantages that economic actors realize due to an increase in organizational…

Toronto Real Estate During the COVID-19 Pandemic Toronto Real Estate During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Toronto Real Estate During the COVID-19 Pandemic A report was recently released citing a 50% decrease in the number of condo sales from this same time last year, and yet…

PRESS RELEASE: Patient Lodging Partnership During Pandemic – Toronto-based StayWell Charity announces formal partnership with Sky View Suites Tuesday August 25th 2020

Tuesday August 25th 2020 Following the closure or significantly reduced capacity of Ronald McDonald House and other similar patient lodging centers due to COVID-19, StayWell Charity ( has entered into…

Understanding the Differences Between Furnished, Semifurnished and Unfurnished Apartments Wednesday June 29th 2022

Depending on what you’re looking for in your future home-sweet-home, you might want to consider the differences between furnished vs. unfurnished apartments. What are the pros and cons of renting…

What Comes in a Furnished Rental | Sky View Suites Wednesday July 11th 2022

What Furnishings to Expect in a Furnished Rental? Furnished rentals include all the basic furnishings you need, including a kitchen and wifi, to settle down and live comfortably for a…

The impact of COVID-19 on affordable housing and the rental market in Toronto Wednesday July 13th 2022

As the dust is starting to settle and the impact of COVID-19 on the rental markets and the economy in general is beginning to normalize, we decided to look back…