What’s Better to Rent, Furnished or Unfurnished Apartments?

Looking into renting an apartment will have you faced with many choices. Weaving through them could weigh you down; should you go with furnished or unfurnished apartments? Since there is a huge market for apartments, it shouldn’t be that hard to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Understanding the differences between furnished and unfurnished apartments is important. Each type of apartment comes with plus or minuses.  

Furnished apartments

Furnished apartments are available for a multitude of purposes ranging from corporate housing, long-term or short-term stays. Some are all inclusive and contain everything a bed, sofa, appliances and also plates and cutlery. Detail oriented units may have a housekeeper that cleans the apartment or washes sheets and towels on a regular basis. Occasionally, interior designers are hired to match together the furniture, artwork and other décor for furnished rentals.

*Not all apartments are like that however, most furnished rentals may only have the bare necessities. Some just consist of a couch, bed, fridge, stove, TV, etc.

Plus for furnished apartments

Renting a furnished apartment allows you to move in sooner and easier. There is no need to cart clunky cabinets or couches.

Minus for furnished apartments

Furnished apartments cost more to rent because of all that is incorporated. The style of furniture may not interest you, and is used by others. There is a risk that furniture might get broken or dented, and if so, the renter is dependable.

Unfurnished apartments

Apartments that are considered unfurnished will not include furnishings, beds, couches or anything else. Some unfurnished apartments come with a fridge, stove, dishwasher or perchance a washer and dryer combination.

Plus for unfurnished apartments

Renting an unfurnished apartment gives you the liberty to beautify it any way you like. You can modify the wall colors, add memorable artwork and pick out your own items. Whereas, you won’t have any concerns about causing damage to the owner’s property.

Minus for unfurnished apartments

Unfurnished apartments can cause frustration if you have no patience for furniture shopping, or have no idea how to embellish the space. Furnishing an apartment requires lots of time and money. Not to mention, bringing in bulky buys can be a bother to deal with. You would have to move everything in and then once your lease is terminated, you’d have to remove it.

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