Gourmet Getaway in St. Lawrence Market

As the weather began to improve, I had an inkling to “test” one of our suites located in the St. Lawrence Market District. The theme: Haute Cuisine – which meant hours of prep and cooking. There was no better setting for my planned gourmet getaway. With historic St. Lawrence Market (Toronto’s food Mecca) at my doorstep, I could find any ingredient that my “Balthazar” French Bistro cookbook demanded.

There were two stunning Sky View Suites furnished apartments in the St. Lawrence Market area that I could choose from. There was the L Tower and the St. Lawrence Loft.

Since this weekend getaway included my husband, I chose the loft. With its fireplace and round couch perfectly made for two, it was just the right spot to enjoy a light Syrah after our gourmet meal.

We left the car at home and hopped onto the subway. We got off in the financial district and we walked over (a mere 5 minutes) to the apartment to get started. It was early enough in the day and I immediately raced to St. Lawrence Market. The sounds and smells of the market immediately inspired me: fresh bundles of basil, crispy French baguettes, pungent cheeses, fresh sushi grade fish and dry aged meats. It was no wonder that some of the city’s best chefs could be spotted here. Without getting too distracted, I quickly gathered everything I needed to get started.

When I arrived at the apartment, I found my husband at the base of the building enjoying his spot on the Starbucks patio. He said he needed a break before heading a few steps East to the LCBO to select the right wines for the meal; a truly grueling exercise : )

The suite was perfect. It was charming with its exposed brick and wood beams. The honey coloured flooring throughout added warmth and hints of purple accented the entire suite. There was a small dining table perfect for two and the full kitchen was just what I needed to do my prep. A furnished rental was great for my visit. No gourmet getaway of this nature could be had at a hotel.

After my prep was done, I had to wait about an hour, so I decided to pour myself a glass of wine and settle into the round couch in front of the fireplace. I was able to sit far enough back into the couch to raise my feet comfortably off the ground and there was still room for one more person!

Dinner was a success and the marriage of all the fresh ingredients in my dish overwhelmed our palates. After dinner we headed down to Starbucks to grab a cappuccino which we enjoyed as we walked over to one of the local theaters to catch a show. In addition to its culinary pleasures, the St. Lawrence Market district offered small theaters throughout. That evening we watched, The Importance of Being Earnest playing at the St.Lawrence Center for the Arts.

At the end of a long day, we appreciated the suite’s quiet and peaceful surroundings and looked forward to a restful night’s sleep in the cozy Loft we call, The St.Lawrence Loft.