A Tale of Two Listings – Unfurnished vs. furnished rental

The bathrooms needed their grout to be professionally restored. The professional grout restorers removed all the mold, mildew and dirt build-up. Worth every penny, it enabled us to avoid two full bathroom renovations.

The kitchen required new countertops; new appliances and the floors had their grout restored as well. The old countertop had creases heavily soiled and damaged. When we removed the stove, we were lucky to have turned off the main switch for it, as we stumbled upon the old tenant’s electrical science experiment. Wires were attached to the stove prongs, and there was a make shift power cord made. We had no idea what that could have been for and that remains a mystery. What we were sure about, was the fact that this contraption behind the stove posed as a heavy fire risk.

The carpets were removed and new hardwood floors were added. A durable laminate that could withstand the wear and tear of the rental market. A fresh coat of paint all over brought the suite to the standards we required to start furnishing.

We put this suite together in the fall, and as we looked out the window and saw all the colours, we brought them in. We kept the main furniture pieces neutral and grey (the couch looked like a warm wool coat). We had fun with the accents and brought in orange and purple pillows, orange tables and an orange lamp. The favourite piece was the clock that hung across the dining table – bringing all the colours together. Our “After” photos are what the suite looks like now, and we were able to attract a tenant who loved the unit and treated it like a home.