10 Steps on How to Furnish an Apartment Inexpensively

If you are moving out to your own apartment with your fists in your pocket and nothing but lint, you probably need to know how to furnish it inexpensively.

Here are 10 Steps that will help you furnish your apartment inexpensively


  1.  Decide on what your basics are- they should include a bed and a dresser (if there isn’t enough closet space). A kitchen table with at least 2 chairs (4 if you like entertaining). A couch, a TV and something to put it on, (unless you want to mount it to the wall).
  2. Set a spending budget and allocate what needs to be purchased first and what can wait till later.
  3.  Check out all the furniture stores in your area, then go outside of your district and see how the prices compare. The products downtown may be the same as in urban neighborhoods, but they usually come with a heftier price tag.
  4. Surf the web, look up all your local department or furniture stores and see what they are offering. You may be able to find places that carry the same merchandise in stores as online. If you walk into a store, ask if they price match.
  5. Shop at IKEA, but be selective. You can find very practical furniture at affordable prices here; however, not everything is appropriate. Pick items that are sturdy and put back substandard stuff. This is also a great place for décor, knick-knacks, candles, pillows, and even bedspreads can be acquired here for less.
  6. Browse bargain shops or outlet stores, they are usually filled with discontinued well priced items, including flatware and cutlery. The furniture may have minor markings or dents, but are usually discounted heavily. The savings outweigh the imperfections.
  7. Try checking out the FREE section on Craigslist, people get rid of things all the time. You might be lucky enough to find something nearly brand new.
  8. Thrift stores that are located in or around expensive neighborhoods often carry gently used decent rate furniture at good prices. Look for solid wood pieces, or even small things like picture frames, or silver that can be polished.
  9. Garage sales may gross you out, but if you spot one, go for a look-see. You never know what you might find, only consider clean and maintained product.
  10. Reuse, repurpose, and recycle. Got a postcard with an image you love? Get a frame for it from the dollar store and display it as art.

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