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Sky View Plus | Unfurnished Program

Sky View Plus | Ongoing Unfurnished Property Management

Our Ongoing Unfurnished Management Program is designed for landlords who desire a hands-off property management experience. All services in this program include services from our Traditional Unfurnished Management Program plus services needed for ongoing management of the property (dealing with day to day tenant questions, hiring contractors for plumbing, electrical, appliance work, collecting rent, etc).

Our services provided under this program include:
  • Traditional Unfurnished Program - All services provided under the Traditional Unfurnished Management Program are included under our Ongoing Unfurnished Management Program.
  • Help Desk (6 days a week) – Tenant in-suite issues are managed by our 6 days a week Help Desk which eliminates back and forth communication for issues between the tenant and landlord.
  • Preferred Contractors – For any work required on the rental property, Sky View Suites will Hiring contractors to perform necessary work on the property. Our contractors are properly vetted and provided at a discount due to the bulk business we provide. This includes work for plumbing, electrical, appliance work, cleaners, etc). Approval for this work will be requested from the landlord prior to commissioning
  • Rent collection services
  • Non-resident tax remittances – Our team is equipped to handle the tax implications of owning an investment property as a non-resident.
Fees Fees for our Ongoing Unfurnished Program consist of one months’ rent upon signing the lease agreement plus an 8% ongoing management fee. The one months’ rent covers realtor fees we pay to the participating realtor, our realtor costs associated with the signing of the lease, our initial assessment and recommendations for the unit and professional photos. The 8% management fee is for ongoing monitoring, maintenance, payment processing and other administrative work.


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