The 6 Steps to Get a Hot Tub Onto Your Penthouse Terrace in the 6ix

How do I get a hot tub onto my 20th floor penthouse terrace?” is an obvious question for many Torontonians. Sky View Suites, a company that specializes in short term rentals and furnished apartments in downtown Toronto, has put together a “How to” guide in case you’re interested. Oh yeah, they also attached a goPro to the hot tub as it was being hoisted up by a crane – yes, A CRANE.

The guide below assumes the following:

1. You own a penthouse with an outdoor terrace and
2. Money ain’t no thang

The Steps

1. Hire a Structural Engineer – Find a structural engineer that specializes in projects specific to residential buildings. They will figure out whether or not your terrace can support the weight of the hot tub. If you’re lucky enough to have a spot on your terrace that works, your engineer will prepare a letter that literally has their stamp of approval (needed for Step 2).

2. Condo Board Approval – Ask the condo board….. nicely! We suggest putting a written package together including the recommendations from engineer and all other documents showing them you did your homework. The board of directors has the right to deny your request. Keep in mind that if you’re the type of person who constantly ignores their requests to have your dog stop peeing in the elevators, chances are they are not going to let you have a hot tub.

3. Choose the Tub – Want something intimate? You might go for a smaller 3-seater tub. Or if you are the more grandiose partyer (which is the reason why you wanted a hot tub on your penthouse terrace in the first place), you may elect a 6+person tub. Hopefully you’re not limited by the engineer’s maximum load recommendations in Step 1. Also, tubs don’t run cheap - they can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.

4. Hire a Crane - So, you finally have board approval (which of course had nothing to do with those amazing seats at the Raptors game you included in your request). However, even a small tub likely won’t fit in your building elevators or stairwell. Now what? Well…… hire a crane. This can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000, but it’s the only way to get the tub into your home. Some companies that sell you the hot tub will supply the crane for the delivery, which is ideal if you want to avoid the extra hassle.

Hot Tub on top of Penthouse

5. Hire an Electrician and Plumber – Once the tub is in place, you will need these guys to connect the power and piping.

6. Invite Your Friends Including Drake - Perhaps a friendly tweet to @drake will do the trick. Drake, if you want to hit us up, tweet us @skyviewsuitestoronto. BTW, the hot tub is functional year round :)

Hot Tub on top of Penthouse - Come Join Us Drake