Corporate Housing

Toronto Furnished Rentals - Corporate Housing
SkyViewSuites specializes in providing corporate housing solutions to businesses of all size, offering a cost-effective alternative to Toronto hotels. Our Corporate Housing solutions are perfect for business travelers requiring an extended stay in Toronto. Discover the many benefits that a fully furnished apartment, condominium or house on has over a hotel stay, including:


For businesses travelers or organizations looking to transfer or relocate an employee Toronto, our corporate housing accommodations are cost effective and comfortable. Not only are the rates significantly less than a comparable four or five star hotel, but our client also avoid the added expenses of dining out and laundry services. Our Corporate Housing clients appreciate our hassle-free all inclusive rates with no surprises, surcharges or additional taxes.


For corporate clients with large mandates in and around Toronto, our corporate housing solutions offer all the comforts of home and access to a wide network of fully furnished apartments and managed luxury suites. What's more, our consolidated billing and "one point of contact" client service model removes the need to coordinate with multiple vendors and eliminates the headaches of dealing with varying quality standard and different levels of service for each vendor.


Our Corporate furnished apartments are located all around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We offer apartments furnished in a modern style in a varied selection of buildings across some of the most desirable locations in Toronto.


Corporate Housing in fully furnished apartments makes traveling easy & hassle-free. Imagine not having to check in or out, not having to pay daily for parking, being able to cook your own meals and not having to pay a fortune to get your laundry cleaned? Our Corporate Housing solutions make all that possible, with the added benefit that our furnished suites are much more private than hotels. Furthermore, every Corporate Housing client will enjoy access to a dedicated SkyViewSuites representative that will be available to help with any questions you may have during your entire stay in Toronto.


Just because you are traveling to Toronto and away from home, it doesn't mean you can't feel at home. Corporate travelers staying at hotels are typically staying in a much smaller space, usually consisting of just one room. SkyViewSuites offers furnished accommodations that have all of the comforts of home with fully equipped kitchens. Our fully furnished condominiums offer considerably more room than traditional hotel rooms, which are usually not meant for anything other than sleeping. Our furnished suites range from 450-1,400 square feet, some with multiple rooms allowing you to separate your workspace, sleeping and relaxing areas.

Comfort means relief from the claustrophobia of a hotel room and allows your employees to better focus on their work. These are the goals of our Corporate Housing solutions and we go to great lengths to make your stay in our furnished rentals an enjoyable one. In fact, many of our corporate clients have enjoyed Toronto so much they bring their families for visits rather than making trips back home. Our spacious furnished suites allow our clients to fully enjoy everything Toronto has to offer.

At SkyViewSuites, we are constantly thinking about our Corporate Housing solutions and trying to make the process even easier by researching and investing in innovative solutions that will best serve our Corporate Clients. Please contact us to discuss your Corporate Housing needs.